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  • Chief Science Office, Nudge Coach

Steve Feyrer-Melk, PhD, MEd


Steve Feyrer-Melk, MEd, PhD, is a powerful, passionate, and trusted authority in Lifestyle Medicine who is bringing an innovative, refreshing, and successful approach to proactive health care.

Functional Medicine Practitioners are in a unique and influential position for proactive health. By leveraging the inherent preventive medical philosophy of both Functional Medicine and the Functional Medicine patient, Dr. Steve helps significantly impact the practice, patient, and practitioner with real-world programs that can fit seamlessly with medical practices.

For nearly 30 years, Dr. Steve has effectively advanced a distinctive and practical approach for implementing Lifestyle Medicine, therefore placing him in a class by himself. He co-founded the Optimal Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center with America’s first Female Concierge Cardiologist, where Dr. Steve crafts and hones real-world programs for immediate impact.

Capitalizing on his know-how as the Chief Science Officer for a health technology and app company with world-wide reach, Dr. Steve uses his knowledge of leading-edge technology so practitioners can effectively and efficiently incorporate Lifestyle Medicine concepts. His methods are data-driven to optimize patient care, patient experience, and practice success. Passionate about optimal health, Dr. Steve utilizes simple, yet powerful tools and methods. His unfiltered and keen sense of the “patient perspective” drives his modifiable Lifestyle Medicine Continuum©. He works to align science, techniques, programming methods, and innovative technologies so they adhere to his principle of “success through simplicity.”

Dr. Steve also serves as the Chief Science Officer of Nudge, LLC, a lifestyle medical technology company in Richmond, Virginia.

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Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk