Cannabis Scientific Research with Dr. Karyemaitre Aliffe

About the Video

Shared with permission from Hosted by Dr. Lynn Marie Morski.

Dr. Karyemaitre Aliffe is a multi-lingual physician and scientist who brings life to science and vitality to our concepts of medicine. He has over 35 years of experience as a researcher in natural products. His work has taken him across the globe from the biotech hub of Silicon Valley to some of the remotest corners of the Amazon, Australia, and Africa.

Today’s episode explores some of the latest scientific research into medical THC. When it comes to examining the medical uses of cannabis, there is a lot more anecdotal evidence than clinical evidence available. Dr. Aliffe explains the value he sees in this anecdotal evidence and why it should not be overlooked in terms of scientific value.

Dr. Aliffe explains what he knows about how THC actually interacts with the human body. There is still much to be discovered about this, but he describes what is known about the biochemical response that happens when THC and other cannabinoids are introduced into the body.

Dr. Aliffe talks about a number of recent discoveries covering topics ranging from THC’s role in athletic training to managing stress factors. Since the endocannabinoid system helps modulate the emotional reaction to various circumstances, it has a number of implications in high-stress situations.

With the many variations in cannabis products and individual physiology, it is very difficult, if not impossible, for studies to determine what is optimal for each person. Dr. Aliffe explains what he believes the role of an individual, as well as their physician, could be in this matter.

In this episode:

  • The important distinction between pharmaceuticals and botanical medicines

  • The value of examining anecdotal evidence

  • What is known about how THC actually interacts with the human body

  • The impact of cannabis on the human response to high-stress situations

  • The challenges of determining optimal dosing with THC

  • The potential role of cannabis in treating aspects of PTSD, anxiety, and depression

  • The implications of cannabis’ anti-inflammatory properties