Profession & Organization

  • Founder, SoleLife

Nichole Lowe


Nichole Lowe is a pioneer and a visionary with experience in building teams and programs for fortune 500 companies that surpassed all sales and growth records in a crowded marketplace. Capitalizing on her Intraprenurial success in trade for entrepreneurship, Nichole saw an opportunity to fulfill her personal desire to marry functional health with mental health as she taught and mentored over 500 coaches through the world’s leading educator and credidation organization of healthcare coaches.

Seeing an actionable need to assist coaches to connect more readily with an already expansive and rapidly growing marketplace of end users seeking help on their healthy lifestyle journey, Nichole envisioned SoleLife as the solution.

Well regarded as an ambitious connector, Nichole has utilized over 26 years combined corporate and entrepreneurial experience in wellness, public speaking, education, sales, and film and television to carry out the vision for SoleLife.

She is an expert in building and managing teams, and has proven her skills by bringing together an incredibly gifted and experienced team to guide SoleLife to the market place, creating a visionary new model for Healthy Lifestyle Coaches to bring a bring a deep level of affordable access, and a deeper level of greater good to the world.