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  • Founder, DOD Fitness

Gretchen Zelek


As a former collegiate athlete, fitness enthusiast, mom of four, and Certified Functional Aging Specialist, Gretchen designed DoD Fitness Knee Donuts when she could not find a comfortable way to kneel on sore “runner’s knees”. The donuts provide structural support for the knees and cradle the kneecaps so they neither bear weight or touch the ground.

DoD fitness wrist wedges are for people who complain about their wrists during exercise. The wedge places the heel of the hand higher than the fingers, so the distribution of body weight shifts and decreases pressure on the wrist.

DoD fitness neck circles were designed to prevent or reduce neck pain while laying on the floor. It keeps the head in a “neutral” position and provides a cushioned base of support to keep the neck in proper alignment.

DOD Fitness tools are not just for for exercise, they can be used anytime you are on your knees, wrists or back. They are a very lightweight, foam mix. Available at various stores online and at select yoga and Pilates studios.

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