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  • Founder, ChiRunning and ChiWalking

Danny Dreyer


Danny Dreyer was one of the early pioneers in introducing a mindful approach to the world of running. After being disturbed by the fact that 65% of all runners get injured every year, he set about to find a solution to this endemic problem. He realized very early on the intrinsic value of the T’ai Chi principle of always moving from your center, and when he applied it to his running, he discovered a paradigm shift in an ancient sport. 

Danny’s calling is to educate trainers and runners about why many people never heal from injuries, or are constantly plagued with relapses. For decades running coaches have focused primarily on strength training to improve their athletes’ performance, or to help them recover from injuries. But, Dreyer found that changes made in how you move can prevent injuries from recurring or from happening in the first place.

Based on the whole-body movement principles of T’ai Chi, this unique and effective internal method of movement relies on logic and mindful attention to the causes of running and walking injuries, instead of relying strictly on strengthening to correct inefficient or harmful biomechanics. 

A runner for over 45 years and a T’ai Chi practitioner for 20 years, Danny has run 43 ultra marathons and 15 marathons after the age of 45. He has co-authored (with his wife) ChiRunning, ChiWalking and ChiMarathon – all published by Simon & Schuster. Has also been a featured speaker at the Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Marine Corps, Air Force and San Diego marathons. He has appeared on CNN, NPR and CBS and featured in Running Times, Body & Soul Magazine, Health, Shape, Fitness, Elle, Washington Post, New York Times and Web MD.

Dreyer has a passion for teaching, a love for speaking, and an ability to make physics, physiology and biomechanics understandable to the everyday runner and walker. 

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