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  • Founder, Silver Linings Integrative Health

Adrienne Ione


Adrienne Ione is a dynamic, mindful, high-fiving, cognitive behavioral therapist, certified dementia specialist and senior personal trainer. She is the founder of Silver Linings Integrative Health, a company with an aim of promoting health, fitness and wellbeing opportunities for people to thrive across the lifespan.

Adrienne is a curious and creative psychophysiologist, committed to promoting positive aging experiences. Formerly a personal trainer with the US Marine Corp. and a counselor in residential and clinical settings, she now integrates her past experiences to enhance the wellbeing of adults across the lifespan.

Adrienne is a world traveler, who graduated from Miramar College, San Diego, with a dual-honors degree in psychology and exercise physiology, a degree in social work from University of Washington Tacoma and a Master’s in Political Psychology from University of Washington. Adrienne is passionate about offering a language based in positive thoughts as one way to (re)frame the possible changes that may take place across the lifespan. These shifts in how we think and talk, have the potential to soften the edges of aging and to truly getting the most out of our aging experience.

Adrienne is committed to supporting people in increasing their level of consciousness, by adopting a holistic approach to health and wellness. She combines the principles of dynamic physical exertion with mental awareness, so that you realize your potential and beyond. In order to be most successful at integrating positive thoughts and behaviors, she follows one single principle: have fun.

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